Ikenobo Visiting Professor USA Tour

July – October 2022


Flower Craft at the Museum of Arts and Design

Flower Craft celebrates the creative visions of botanical artists working at the forefront of contemporary floral design. Inspired by nature’s ephemerality and its inimitable palettes, these artists are investigating all stages of the plant life cycle, from seed to germination to decay, to interpret nature in sculptural form.As they expand the boundaries of materials and creative expression, the artists are also engaging in a variety of aesthetic traditions, from early modern European still life painting to the eighteenth-century picturesque to the hyperreality of the twenty-first-century digital realm—all of which will be explored in the exhibition. Each week, a celebrated botanical artist will fill the Flower Craft gallery with evocative arrangements or installations.

Featured Artist: Noritaka Noda
May 24-29  /  10:00am-6:00pm

Museum of Art and Designexhibition details
2 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019  – location/map

Flower Craft Atelier ~ Tue, May 24 / 6–8 pm

Flower Craft designer Noritaka Noda brings the Japanese school of Ikenobo to MAD’s Flower Craft Atelier. Enjoy light libations in the bloom-filled Flower Craft gallery with Noritaka and fellow flower lovers followed by a 90-minute workshop immersion in ikenobo ikebana, an ancient artistic tradition that Noritaka has famously modernized.

  • Explore the expressivity of ikebana and its interpretation in contemporary floral design.
  • Learn how to construct and secure an Ikebana arrangement inspired by the art form’s emphasis on impermanence, harmony, shape, and line.
  • Create an elegant ikebana arrangement for the home of your own design.

6 pm light libations
7:30–8 pm workshop – to learn more about Atelier, visit the MAD site






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